Imagine a charming backyard garden retreat, the perfect pool side cabana, an attractive playhouse for all ages, or simply an eye-catching storage solution. No matter their use, cedar garden sheds blend well with their surroundings.


Concepts & Design

When designing your shed, first consider its primary purpose;, workshop, studio, etc. Also consider key features like fixed or opening windows; single double, dutch and/or garage door; eaves troughs lights and/or electricity.

Adding a porch or cabana can transform a basic shed into a dual purpose work/leisure space. Install some siding and trim and you’ll have a highly attractive storage solution with a quality covered outdoor living space.

Pre-built garden shed packages are strong, durable, and attractive. All shed packages come as complete units including the floor, cedar shingles, and hardware.

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Construction tips

The first step to any shed project, whether building your own or opting for a pre-built option, is to properly prepare a level foundation. This will greatly enhance ease of construction and/or assembly of your new cedar shed.

Building the shed on top of equally spaced wooden sleepers will help keep the floor dry. Avoid poorly drained or low areas for your construction site. Add an eaves through to divert water away from the foundation.

  • 8×10 works well in a medium yard and easily accommodates basic gardening tools, supplies, bikes and some small storage.
  • 12×12 is suitable for a large yard and can accommodate medium size equipment like a lawn tractor, etc and will have room for additional seasonal storage.
  • 12×20 can accomodate larger equipment like ATV’s, motorbikes, provide a small workspace and some extra shelving.

check local building codes for set back requirements, height restrictions, other legal requirements.