A sauna provides one of the healthiest ways to relax and cleanse our bodies.  In some cultures, saunas are quite literally a way of life.  They provide a healthy alternative for many forms of personal relaxation and body cleansing.


Practical Concepts & Design Considerations

  • Whether your sauna is indoor or outdoor, Western Red Cedar will withstand years of usage in various conditions. The location of your sauna will also determine whether a change room is required.
  • Size requirements will be dependant on the common number of users. Heater size is determined by the cubic footage of the room.
  • Showers and drains are recommended features
  • A two-level bench system will help utilize the heat range. A full-length bench will offer the option to lie down.
  • Proper venting and a fresh air intake can significantly impact the performance and enjoyment of your sauna.

Construction Tips

  • Place aluminum foil underneath wall panelling to reflect heat back into the room.
  • Use knot free (clear) cedar to avoid discomfort from uneven heat transfer through knots.
  • A 7-foot ceiling helps maximize the heat utility of the sauna.
  • Doors should have a roller-type safety latch.
  • An adjustable air outlet makes it easy to moderate inside temperature.