Western Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata) decking is life affirming. It is truly people friendly. In other words, cedar looks natural and feels right. Its inherent properties cause cedar decking to remain sound, solid and perform for decades. Western Red Cedar contains natural oils that resist moisture decay and infestation helping your cedar deck last.


Practical Concepts & Design Considerations

  • Take a look at the space you have available. Consider features you might want to include and constraints (views, elevations, privacy, etc.) that may come into play.
  • Picture yourself using the space. If you wish to provide shelter from wind or the hot sun, incorporate screening or a pergola into your design. Map our seating areas, BBQ placement, and other daily needs. Place a couple of stakes in the ground to help with visualization.
  • Multiple tiers can help accommodate changes in elevation.
  • Make note of any obvious constraints such as elevations, door locations, sidewalks, stairs, etc.

Construction Tips

  • 8’ – 10’ is suitable for personal use, 10’ – 12’ is a good size for couples or a small family, 12’ (and beyond) is ideal for larger families or groups.
  • Maximum joist spacing for decking support is 16” and 24”.
  • Blind fastening systems are an aesthetically pleasing option.
  • Joist and beam design are typically dependant on the size of your deck. (See Maximum Span Calculator for Wood Joist & Rafters)
  • Plan to offset the stairs from your main living area so that traffic flows to the side. Whenever possible, make the stairs at least 4 feet wide to avoid overcrowding.
  • Standard deck stairs have 7” rise and 11” runs.


    • Standard rail post spacing for quality structure is between 4’-6’ apart
    • Most standard railing packages for 6’ spacing designs
    • Common railing heights are 36” and 42”. We always recommend checking your building code for structural requirements and guidelines (prior to building!)
    • Typically, decks less than 24” off the ground don’t require a railing.
    • Palings come in a variety of sizes and finishes. (Cedar | 3×3, 2×2, 5/4×4, 1×6, square, sculptured, turned, fluted. Aluminum | round, flat. Glass panes and palings. Custom.)