Grow your own organic vegetables. Start summer flowers from a seedling. It’s all so much easier with a greenhouse.


Concepts & Design

With it’s inherent properties, Western Red Cedar is a natural fit for your greenhouse. It does well in a moist environment as cedar’s natural oils will resist rot and bug infestation and its low density makes it an excellent thermal insulator (keeping your greenhouse cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This unique quality provides a natural thermostat that your plants will love!

Once you establish a location with good sun exposure (i.e. south facing) and preferably somewhat sheltered from extreme winds, you can decide on a suitable size. 6×12 is a great place to start.

The next consideration is venting & heating. Poly-carbonate windows are light weight, durable and UV resistant. The use of solar activated window openers will eliminate a lot of running back and forth while ensuring a nice even temperature in the greenhouse. The consequential reduction in overheating or excessive cooling will greatly improve the overall performance of the greenhouse while reducing plant dehydration and minimizing rot, mould or fungus growth.

As for the floor, concrete tile works great and offers the additional benefit of some degree of natural drainage.

Pre-built greenhouse packages are available. Contact us for details.

Construction tips

Insulating the walls where there is no glazing with a mould resistant rigid foam product (i.e. north and west wall) will help preserve heat on cold days.

A sloped roof 4/12-6/12 will help keep heavy snow off in the winter.